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Dhami State

DHAMI HOUSE is the family home of Kr Dushyant Singh and his ancestral place is Dhami, His ancestors ruled from the seat of power at Halog, The DURBAR which is now in ruins, Dushyants parents decided to move out into the present place about 60yrs ago. Kr Dushyant Singh has been a naturalist by profession and is well versed with the area. > READ MORE


The erstwhile principality was known as the state of Dhami,with its capital at a place called Halog. The state of Dhami was part of the Simla hill states and its ruler till the time of merger with the Indian union was accorded the title of RAJA. The family of the rulers of the state claim decendancy from the Chauhan rulers of Delhi in the 10th/11th century > READ MORE

Dhami State

The livelyhood of the local inhabitants in the earlier days was almost entirely dependant on sustainable agriculture. The main crop came during the monsoon months from July - September, being maize and pulzes. Some amount of livestock trading also took place and dairy products being used for home consumtion. Most of the popluation now is dependant on governement employment. > READ MORE