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KANWAR DUSHYANT SINGH 49yrs of age is a resident of DHAMI in Himachal Pradesh in India. He has been educated at the Scindia School Gwalior and the university Delhi for his degree in commerce. But he decided to choose other avenues for his life not related to commerce; Brought up in his native place up in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh and his maternal home in Madhya Pradesh under the inluence of his outdoor loving, fond of shikar and the gun parents, he sought out a career thus related, which came in the form of working in a National park” Bandhavgarh,” in Madhya Pradesh ; seeking out tigers and other game for tourists. The camp was part of a Tiger tops operation. Other stints include working in Nepal at the Royal Chitwan National Park, Panna in Madhya Pradesh and taking out tours for interested tourists in different parks and parts of India. Dushyant is a naturalist and comes from a background connected to the erstwhile princely families which gives him immense knowledge and understanding of people and their cultures; thus knowledge of forts, palaces, and temples comes to him as second nature. Dushyant has also had the opportunity to work with wildlife ilm crews and leading wildlife photographers ilming wildlife for BBC, Discovery and National Geographic. Infact he has also been featured in a ilm on Bandhavgarh being aired on the Discovery channel on Bandhavgarh National Park in central India, as their naturalist.

Total years of experience spent in the jungles and outdoors professionally have been about 25. Now he divides a lot of his time tending to his small orchard in Himachal ; and taking interested people out into Indian wilderness and other regions of the country and sharing his knowledge with them.

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The erstwhile principality was known as the state of Dhami,with its capital at a place called Halog. The state of Dhami was part of the Simla hill states and its ruler till the time of merger with the Indian union was accorded the title of RAJA.

The family of the rulers of the state claim decendancy from the Chauhan rulers of Delhi in the 10th/11th century. However migration to the present hill region only took place sometime during the 14th and15th century, there are no conirmed historical evidences.Before the advent of the Chauhans the area is said to have been ruled by local tribes known as Muais.

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